NEA aims to provide all-round formation for people of all ages, especially the young, to help them develop their talents to the full and use them in the service of society.

NEA provides accommodation and complementary activities for university students at Netherhall House in London and Grandpont House in Oxford; courses for the hospitality industry at Lakefield Hospitality College in London; support for selected educational and social projects outside the UK in NEA International Projects; personal development courses for people working in the City of London or nearby at Crosmore; clubs for young people and school-level study centres at Kelston in Wandsworth, Westpark in Ealing and Dunreath in Glasgow; outreach activities that enable many more people to benefit than those who live in or attend our centres regularly; and residential courses and retreats at Wickenden Manor in Sussex. NEA also operates Elmore a residential centre  occupying a number of properties in Orme Court, West London. It houses professionals and long-term residents who work for NEA or one of its initiatives. The first property in Orme Court was acquired in 1962 while the others were acquired in the 1980s and 1990s. Works were carried out in 2000-2001 to numbers 4 to 6, which were continued in 2019-2020 in numbers 7 and 8. Elmore includes residential accommodation as well as ancillary common facilities such as meeting rooms, study rooms, a chapel and a canteen for residents. 

NEA is a founder member of the European University College Association (EUCA), a European network of Collegiate Halls of Residence offering a complete range of activities to provide all-round formation to university students.Together with EUCA, NEA has organised different seminars and activities such as DCW (Dissent, Conscience and the Wall), funded by the EU.