Netherhall Educational Association aims to provide all-round formation for people of all ages, especially the young, to help them develop their talents to the full and use them in the service of society.

Personal development is seen as a harmonious union of all the following components:

  • Academic & Professional development enables men and women to do their work well, and to be more aware that study and work are principal means both of personal growth and of serving others.
  • Social development promotes understanding and empathy with others regardless of background, race or creed, and fosters friendship and co-operation across cultural divides.
  • Character development is founded on human virtues such as sincerity, loyalty, self-discipline, service to others and a spirit of hard work, with a deep appreciation of personal freedom and the corresponding responsibility.
  • Spiritual development allows men and women to find God in their family and working lives and to practise Christian principles and ideals.

To achieve these aims the Association owns and operates a variety of centres in Great Britain, including halls of residence for students in higher education, clubs with study facilities for young people, vocational training centres, and venues for residential courses and seminars.

The activities of the Association, including spiritual activities within the centres which are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church, are open to all who wish to participate regardless of race, creed or social background. Their outreach means that participation is available to many more people than those who live in the residential centres or attend the clubs regularly.