How to help NEA

One-off donations for the activities and projects of NEA can be sent in at any time. Cheques should be made payable to Netherhall Educational Association and sent to the NEA office. Many of our supporters make regular monthly or quarterly donations by setting up a standing order through their bank account. If you wish to download the Standing Order form or make a one off donation, click on the link below, which also enables your donation to become a tax effective one through Gift Aid:
Standing Order and Gift Aid Form

Many employers operate a Payroll Giving Scheme, whereby you instruct them to deduct your donation from your gross salary before tax and to send it directly to the Charity.

You can draw up a Will in which NEA is named as a beneficiary, or include NEA in your existing Will by adding a Codicil … [more details]


Under Gift Aid or Covenants, the charity reclaims the basic rate tax, whilst the higher rate tax-payer is able to claim relief at the margin between the basic and higher rates. This means that if you give us £1,000 we can claim a further £282 from the Inland Revenue and you can reclaim £230 (assuming a basic rate of tax of 22%).